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We are excited to bring you the first issue of Journal 5!

Journal 5, Issue 1
  1. How does Gender Influence Women’s Voting Behavior? An Analysis of Feminist Policies – Adela Casado
  2. Sky Diplomacy: The Geopolitical Impact of the Proliferation of Iranian-Russian Military Drone Trade on Global Alliances and Security – Virginia Ceccatelli
  3. Navigating Turbulent Tides in a Global Crisis: The South China Sea – Lucas Phillips
  4. Do the Ends Justify the Means? An Assessment of the EU Convention Regulations for the Migration Crisis – Carlota Cañadas Latorre
  5. The Dismantling of Rodrik’s Trilemma in Europe – Mariana Gamez
  6. The Impact of Economic Sanctions on Russia: An Analysis of the War in Ukraine – Mariano Colino
  7. The Economic and Policy Implications of the 2014–15 Immigrant Surge: A Comparative Analysis of Germany and Greece – Erica Njoki Njenga
  8. It is Time to Unlock India and Pakistan’s Soft Diplomacy – Alexandra Eleferenko
  9. To Restore or Not to Restore: The Variability of Cultural Heritage Protections – Mason Brown
  10. The Impact of A.I.-Driven Social Media on Elections: Voter Autonomy & Government – Henri Klein

Journal 4, Issue 2
  1. To what extent does Turkey’s “fine balance” policy in the Russia-Ukraine conflict upgrade the country’s importance in global governance?
  2. What can we learn from the “Zero Hunger” Program in Brazil?
  3. Rethinking Globalization: From Hyper-Globalization to Regionalism
  4. International Law and Enforcement Efforts for Pollution Management in the High Seas
  5. China’s Currency Exchange System: A Study and Debate
  6. Managing the War through NBU Regulations
  7. NATO’s New Strategic Concept and the Rise of China


Journal 4, Issue 1
  1. The Perfect Storm: Energy Crisis Affects Policies in EU and China
  2. How can digital diplomacy reconcile Russia and the West?
  3. Practical and Implementable: Collaborative Techniques in Financial Education
  4. Evidence for and Implications of US Vaccine Diplomacy During Covid-19
  5. The Belt and Road Initiative in Recipient Countries: The Perils and Benefits of China’s Major Infrastructure Program
  6. The Evolution of Development Ideology
  7. alumni special! Settlement-building: An Empirical Block to Reopen the Peace Process between Israel and Palestine

Journal 3 Issue 1 
  1. Book Review_The Modern Arab State: A Decade of Uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa
  2. Biodiversity, Protected Areas, and Indigenous Communities_ The shortcomings of modern conservation and lessons for the future
  3. Russia and NATO_ A new Cold War gains momentum
  4. Merging Two Worlds_ Using Indigenous Knowledge in Arctic Policy
  5. Sub-Saharan Africa and the agriculture gender gap_ what can be done?
  6. How China’s foreign investment in Africa showcases neo-colonial tendencies
  7. China and the Yuan_ An Account of Its Trade Success and Currency

Journal 2 Issue 2 (Legacy Edition–published June 2023)
  1. Should Countries Host the Olympics? The Impact on Host Countries’ Economy, Poverty, and Inequality
  2. Are ECB policies leading the Eurozone’s economy towards ‘Japanisation’?
  3. Water Diplomacy and Water Security in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  4. Should Kantian Morality be the Aim of International Relations?
Journal 2 Issue 1
  1. A Pragmatic Grand Strategy towards China
  2. A Rental Culture vs. a Home ownership Culture
  3. Why Nations Fail – Book Review
  4. Autonomous Weapon Systems, Quo Vadis
  5. Is the European Union’s Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) adequately designed to respond to current global challenges?
  6. Live and Clicking: The Big Data Relationship Between Sport and Betting


Journal 1 Issue 1
  1. Is the European Union’s Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) adequately designed to respond to current global challenges?
  2. Autonomous Weapon Systems, Quo Vadis
  3. Understanding Paradiplomacy An Analysis of Subnational Diplomatic Activity in Brazil, Belgium, and the United States
  4. A post-colonial examination of the CFA Franc

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